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Sr. Consultant - Insurtech & Business Analysis, Finance Wellness Coach, Lead Facilitator - Business Analysis/Insurance


Experienced & Award-winning Insurance technology professional with a proven record of 27 years in the field.


Recognized for expertise in insurtech consulting, business analysis, non-life insurance and finance wellness coaching.  Adept of navigating dynamic Insurance landscape and driving innovation to enhance operational efficiency and client satisfaction.


Programs delivered & internal organizational certifications

Insurance technology professional with around 27 years of experience in non-life Insurance, out of which 18 years in Business Analysis profile.

Prior to 'Coforge', worked as Regional Manager (Claims) and Functional Process Analyst with one of the leading P & C insurer, Chola MS General Insurance Company Ltd. based out of India.

Receiver of multiple awards in previous engagements.

Practitioner of financial wellness supporting people in their financial well being.

Amit has worked in Coforge for around ten years.  Prior to joining Coforge, he held key positions at Chola MS General Insurance Company Ltd., one of India's leading Property and Casualty (P&C) insurers. Amit served as a Regional Manager (Claims), overseeing claims operations for number of states in India. His responsibilities in this role included ensuring the efficient and equitable settlement of claims, which is a crucial aspect of the insurance business.


Additionally, during his tenure at Chola MS General Insurance, Amit worked as a Functional Process Analyst. In this capacity, he analyzed and optimized the company's operational/system processes to enhance efficiency and effectiveness, contributing to the overall improvement of the organization.


Throughout his career, Amit has been recognized with multiple awards for his contributions in previous engagements, reflecting his dedication and expertise in the non-life insurance sector.


Beyond his professional accomplishments, Amit is also a practitioner of financial wellness. He is passionate about supporting individuals in their financial well-being journey, providing guidance and assistance to help them achieve their financial goals.


By applying practices of financial wellness, Amit has also successfully shifted gears from corporate life onto a full time entrepreneurial journey.


In summary, Amit's extensive experience in non-life insurance, particularly in Business Analysis, combined with his recognition through multiple awards, positions him as a seasoned professional in the industry. He is not only dedicated to the insurance sector but also passionate about promoting financial wellness and assisting people in their financial journey.

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