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Certified career Analyst, Educator,

& Psychologist



Spreading awareness on Mental Health, Career Counseling and making therapy affordable for everyone. As more people pursue affordable therapy this in turn will help remove the stigma surrounding seeking professional help.


Encouraging people to develop selfawareness, connecting with their roots and culture to derive wisdom that can facilitate a better quality of life.


Ashmi’s weekends and free hours are spent in gardening, reading, watching positive content, learning about parapsychology, occult sciences, global politics, stock market, meditation and pursuing spiritual interests.

Key Skills

Mind Training, Psychological Counselling, Positive Thinking, Motivating others to achieve their targets: personal or professional, Identifying areas of improvement using AI Testing in the field of Psychology, Sharing practical tips and knowledge, Encouraging people to be their own guiding light by creating Self-Awareness, CrossCultural Sensitivity, Passion for Learning, Good Interpersonal Skills, Non-Judgmental attitude and Open Mindedness, Positive change agent.

Ashmi is a Certified Career Analyst, Qualified Psychologist and an Educator. She has an experience of over 15 years. She has successfully conducted various interactive workshops for students, parents and teachers and brought about a positive change in the lives of many. She has been using her knowledge in psychology and testing to help people improve their performance at work, for students to study better and to improve personal relationships.


Ashmi uses Psychometric Tests to evaluate: Personality, Interest, EQ, Values, Skills and Abilities, Styles of learning. This AI generated report gives a person better selfawareness and a clarity on areas that have a scope for improvement or need attention. This ultimately translates into improving performance at work, improving personal relationships and getting better at achieving academic goals.


She is also a podcaster and loves posting content for students and parents discussing how to empower our children's future with the right career choices, how they can achieve their academic targets and positive parenting.


Talking about taboo subjects in fields of psychology, parapsychology, religion is something she is passionate about. Ashmi has worked as a psychologist and used Neethling Brain Instrument to understand how a person thinks and thus behaves. She has delivered one on one sessions to help people develop their whole brain and using each quadrant in the brain to it’s full potential.


She has worked in schools for a decade and worked cooperatively with other teachers, administrators, and parents to help students reach their learning objectives. Planned and implemented integrated lessons to meet national standards. Communicated frequently with parents, students, and faculty to provide feedback and discuss instructional strategies. Supported student’s physical, mental, and social development using classroom games and activities.

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