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Exclusive Catalog of Offered
Learning & Training Sessions Across Various Topics.

Utilizing Time Effectively

Time Management.png

This training in imparting skills to utilize time, caters to a diverse audience, spanning young students to seasoned corporate leaders and everyone in between. By imparting knowledge and strategies, they empower individuals to manage their tasks & activities in designated time proficiently and cultivate a more purposeful and balanced life.

High Impact Presentation Skills

Presentation skills.png

Through our guidance, we empower students and corporate professionals to transform into compelling and influential presenters. By fostering confidence, honing skills, and providing valuable insights, we equip individuals to captivate their audience and convey their messages with precision and impact.

Email Writing Skills

Email writing skills.png

This training on email writing, participants gain access to valuable resources, best practices, and expert guidance to improve their email communication.

Effective Leadership Skills

Effective leadership skills.png

This comprehensive training in effective leadership equips corporate professionals with the skills, knowledge, and mindset needed to lead with impact.

Basic Corporate Etiquette

Basic corporate etiquette.png

This all-inclusive training in "Basic Corporate Etiquette" equips professionals with the skills and behaviours necessary to thrive professionally. Starting with the fundamentals of professional appearance, punctuality, and workplace conduct, participants are guided to present themselves in a manner that reflects confidence and professionalism.

Training Trainers

Training Facilitators – Train the Trainer.png

This program is an intensive and comprehensive training initiative designed to equip individuals with the skills and knowledge needed to excel as trainers and facilitators in diverse professional settings. This program is crafted to meet the growing demand for proficient trainers who can effectively impart knowledge, foster engagement, and enhance learning experiences.

Effective Feedback Skills


This program is a dynamic and interactive initiative that fosters a culture of constructive feedback within organizations. Designed to enhance communication and collaboration, this program emphasizes the importance of effectively giving and receiving feedback. Participants learn practical strategies, communication techniques, and best practices to create a positive feedback loop that drives continuous improvement and growth across teams and individuals.

Writing Influencing Proposals

Writing effective proposals and business documents.png

This program is a specialized training course designed to empower professionals with the skills and knowledge to create compelling and impactful proposals and business documents. Tailored for individuals seeking to excel in the corporate world, this program provides a comprehensive understanding of the elements that make a proposal successful and how to craft business documents that effectively communicate ideas and solutions.

Goal Setting for Teams and Individuals

Goal setting for teams and individuals.png

This program is a targeted training initiative designed to equip individuals and teams with the essential skills and knowledge necessary to set, track, and achieve goals effectively. This program, tailored for personal and professional growth, emphasizes the importance of strategic goal setting in driving performance, motivation, and success within organizations.

Vision Clarity for Organizations and Teams

Vision clarity for organizations and teams.png

This program is a focused training initiative aimed at helping organizations and teams define and articulate a clear and compelling vision. Through strategic guidance and practical exercises, participants gain insights into creating a shared vision that aligns with organizational goals, fostering unity, motivation, and a sense of purpose among team members. The program emphasizes effective communication of the vision to drive engagement, productivity, and success.

Communication Enhancement Training – Written

Communication Enhancement Training – Written.png

This program is a specialized course designed to enhance participants' written communication skills. The program focuses on improving clarity, coherence, and effectiveness in various written formats, through targeted instruction and practical exercises. Participants learn techniques to convey their ideas with precision and impact, ensuring their written communication aligns with professional standards and organizational objectives.

Speech Enhancement


Speech Enhancement Training.png

This training program hones verbal communication skills. Through coaching and practice, it refines first language influence, fluency, modulation, articulation, empowering individuals to speak confidently and effectively in diverse settings.

Creating a Service


Creating a Service Mindset.png

This program instils a customer-focused approach. Participants learn to prioritize a customer, through effective communication, problem-solving, and empathy, enhancing overall service delivery.

Meeting and Conference Call Etiquette

Meeting and Conference Call Etiquette.png

This program provides guidelines for professional conduct during meetings and conference calls in all kinds of working environment including hybrid workplace. It emphasizes effective communication, active participation, and respecting diverse perspectives, enhancing the overall efficiency and effectiveness of collaborative interactions.

Communicating In Stressful Situations

Communicating Under Stressful Situations.png

This training equips individuals with effective communication techniques during high-pressure circumstances. Participants learn to remain composed, clear, and focused in communication, ensuring effective collaboration and decision-making even in challenging situations.

Handling Escalations

Escalation Handling skills.png

This training aids its participants to learn why escalations take place in the first place, how to de-escalate, and ensure that contacts don’t get escalated.

Negotiation skills

Negotiation skills.png

This training program enhances negotiation capabilities. Participants learn strategies for achieving win-win outcomes, effective communication, and building strong relationships, empowering them to navigate complex business negotiations successfully.

Courageous Conversations

Courageous Conversations.png

This training program equips individuals to tackle difficult discussions with confidence and empathy. Participants learn to address sensitive topics constructively, fostering open dialogue and understanding within teams and organizations.

Conducting Effective 1 to1

Conducting Effective 1to1.png

This program enhances skills for productive one-on-one meetings. Participants learn techniques for goal setting, feedback & feed-forward delivery, and fostering employee growth while optimizing individual performance and engagement.

Critical / Structured Thinking

CriticalStructured Thinking.png

This program sharpens analytical and logical thinking skills. Participants learn to assess, analyse, and structure information effectively, enhancing decision-making and problem-solving capabilities.

Managing Conflicts

Managing Conflicts.png

This training hones the ability to manage and resolve conflicts effectively. Participants learn techniques to address issues, de-escalate tensions, and find constructive solutions, fostering a harmonious and productive work environment.

Unconscious Bias

Unconscious Bias.png

This all-important program raises awareness of hidden biases, and learnt stereotypes. Participants learn to recognize and address these biases, discard old stereotypes, and promote a more inclusive and equitable workplace.

Train the Trainer

Train the trainer.png

This program hones training expertise. Participants learn to design, deliver, and assess training effectively, empowering them to train others proficiently.

Change Management 101

Change Management 101.png

This program introduces essential change management principles. Participants learn strategies to navigate organizational change successfully, promoting adaptability and growth.

Optimal Motivation

Optimal motivation.png

This program focuses on inspiring peak performance. Participants learn strategies to enhance personal and team motivation, driving productivity, and achieving goals effectively.

Leading Successful Teams

Leading Teams.png

This program equips individuals with essential leadership skills. Participants learn how to motivate, guide, and maximize team performance, fostering a collaborative and productive work environment.

Leading Visionary Leaders

Leading Leaders.png

This program is tailored for advanced leadership development. Participants learn to lead and influence other leaders, aligning visions and strategies for organizational success.

Effective Decision Making

Effective Decision Making.png

This program enhances decision-making skills. Participants learn methods to analyse information, assess options, and make sound decisions, optimizing organizational outcomes.

Ambiguity Management

Handling Ambiguity.png

 This program helps individuals navigate uncertainty. Participants develop skills to adapt, innovate, and make informed decisions in ambiguous situations, promoting organizational resilience.

The Power of Service No

The Power of Service No.png

This program focuses on asserting boundaries effectively. Participants learn to communicate and decline requests respectfully, enhancing productivity and work-life balance.

Software Business Analysis 

Shared Office

Take your BA skills to the next level with comprehensive training designed for junior and mid-level professionals. You can master the fundamentals of requirement management, from elicitation and prioritization to analysis and clear-cut writing. Whether you're navigating Waterfall or Agile methodologies, our courses equip you with the tools and techniques to confidently analyze & prioritize requirements, craft compelling stories and develop aligned functional specifications. 

Commercial Insurance Domain

Done Deal

With an extensive experience in Commercial Insurance domain, our facilitator helps individuals and organizations in building basic to advanced understanding of the subject.  High level course curriculum of our training programs starts from basics of commercial insurance, underwriting process, risk assessment, claims management, legal and regulatory compliance and leads up to emerging trends, sales and marketing along with ethics and professionalism in commercial insurance domain. Alignment to needs and addition of additional topics can be done basis specific training objectives and audience.

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