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Certified master trainer, certified learning & development manager,  coach, consultant, gratitude practitioner, author, poet


My Book:


Deeply passionate about understanding and uplifting young minds by creating learning environ through positive influence. I bring passion to learning through creating free thinking minds. 


Certified Learning & Development Manager by HRCI. 


Certified Train the Trainer by Rubicon.


Professionally certified to facilitate 'The 5 Choices to Extraordinary Productivity', and 'Speed of Trust' at Amazon


Situational Leadership Practitioner. 


Published Author.

Key Skills


Design, Develop, and Deliver training programs for the development of Communication, Behavioural, Leadership, and Power skills.

Coach all levels for individual and team development, Influence and Communicate, Plan and Organise.

With ~17 years of experience and ~16 years exclusively in the learning segment, I have a track record of in-depth training needs identification & analysis, high impact facilitation & coaching, setting scalable processes through deep dive consultation, people management, developing leaders, large scale program management, and ensuring quantifiable needle movement. I have worked with multiple large corporate firms like Amazon, Walmart, Dell, SITEL, Sutherland, Vertex, and IBM Daksh. 

After a successful corporate stint of 14+ years, I chose to move into the world of freelance training and coaching.


I am adept at ideating & delivering engaging training modules for all management levels to enhance organizational performance, spearheading global learning programs for driving change, strengthening the competency framework, and providing value to stakeholders & leadership.
An enterprising leader with a global mindset, my expertise lies in creating Training/Learning teams from scratch for organizations; proficient in consulting with operations, strategizing to find the best learning solutions, and in the 6Ds of training.
I am passionate about formulating and implementing talent strategies, change management by leading strategic initiatives and integrating aiding overall organizational development.
I am proficient in assessing & identifying, respecting & nurturing the creative potential of each resource using different sources of evidence and responding to all queries in a spontaneous manner.
My perceptive assessment of scenarios with the tact to put forth wins and challenges in a sharp, balanced, and unbiased perspective comes naturally. I never shy away from questioning status quo as I believe that asking questions is the first step towards achieving excellence. I was the driving force w.r.t. milestone programs and events in my erstwhile workplace.

I am a quick learner of new skills & knowledge, which motors my ability to analyse & identify issues, and recommend solutions.


Some of the highpoints of my career are:


Setting up the end-to-end processes for content, delivery, including process improvements of Communication Training for the launch of Amazon’s India chapter.


Setting up the Talent Development team for seven of Amazon’s FinOps Support Centres –Hyderabad & Pune (India), Bratislava (Slovakia), Manila (The Philippines), San Jose (Costa Rica), and Beijing & Chengdu (China). 

Master Content Creator & Trainer of all Talent Development training programs for skills development of individual contributors and managers at all levels.  

Master Framework Developer of Talent Development processes (Training, Internal Communications & Branding, and Training Management).  


Completing two large scale change management projects for Amazon and Walmart.

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